Terms & Conditions

Our Loyalty program – Orchid Rewards – operate under the terms and conditions as set out herein below unless otherwise expressly stated. Should you require any clarifications you can contact The Orchid Rewards Member Services at + 91 916 916 6789 or email us at helpdesk@orchidrewards.in

  1. Petals will be calculated on net bill value, excluding taxes.
  2. All applicable taxes including central, state, local and other taxes shall not be considered for purposes of Petals accrual.
  3. Petals will be rewarded on all Eligible spends at Participating Hotels and Participating Restaurants only from the date of Member’s enrolment into the program. No retro credits will be given for transactions prior to the enrolment.
  4. To earn petals, a Member must be a registered, paying guest at a Participating Hotel and meet all of the conditions described in the Terms and Conditions
  5. Petals can be earned on discounted bills however 26% or more than 26% discount will have no earning logic. Both F&B & Room Bills.
  6. Petals are available to the Rewards Members for redemption. Value of each Petal is Re.1 at Participating Hotels and Participating Restaurants, also Petals are available for redemption on Orchid Rewards store with 2 Petals = Re.1
  7. Unused Reward Petals will expire on completion of 3 Years. No special approvals will be allowed for reversing the same.
  8. Petals cannot be redeemed for cash.
  9. Any individual who has attained the age of 18 years, has a valid and active National mobile number, is eligible to
  10. Register for Orchid Rewards Loyalty Program. There is no minimum order value for becoming a member.
  11. The Registered mobile number of the members is the primary identification for earning loyalty Petals upon Spend.
  12. All account details, service details, special offers, updates and any other information and promotional communications would be sent through various modes of communication including SMS, What’s APP & email.
  13. The members are requested to update any change in their registered mobile number, address, and any other profile information from time to time on our website. Member shall be responsible for providing accurate information, including name, address, and mobile number, at the time of enrolment and subsequently. Orchid Hotels will rely solely on the information provided by the member from time to time and shall not be liable for any incorrect information or failure on the part of member to forthwith update any information or any consequences arising thereof.
  14. Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the program rules, the number of Petals in his or her account and ensuring his/ her updated details (email id, mobile number, and communication postal address) are captured on the Orchid Rewards Loyalty records. The Orchid Rewards Loyalty team will send correspondence to active Members to keep them informed of matters of interest, including notification of program changes and Petals updates. However, neither ORP, its subsidiaries, affiliates or associates or program management service providers nor the owners of Participating Hotels or Participating Restaurants in the program shall be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail.
  15. Accrued Petals do not constitute property of the Members. Except as specifically provided herein, no accrued Petals are transferable in the event of death, disputes or otherwise. In the event of death, The Orchid Rewards a/c will be terminated and all accrued petals shall stand cancelled.
  16. We reserve the right to change, cancel and modify any and all of the terms and conditions from time to time without assigning any reason or providing any intimation. Accumulation of Petals will cease immediately on termination of the program.
  17. In the event of a dispute between the member and The Orchid Hotels, with regard to or in relation to the Rewards program, the decision of The Orchid Hotels shall be deemed as final and binding.
  18. By enrolling to the program, a Member consents to and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned herein or as modified or varied from time to time by Orchid Hotels.
  19. “Participating Hotel” refer to The Orchid Hotel , Mumbai & Pune , Fort JadhavGADH , Mahodadhi Palace , Puri , Lotus Resorts ,Goa & Konark IRA Mumbai & Bhubaneshwar and “Participating
  20. Restaurant” refers to restaurants in these hotels listed as offering Rewards Petals earnings with many more exciting locations to come.
  21. Petals will be automatically recorded within 48 hours of settlement of bills, if i) Orchid Rewards Registered Mobile number is quoted at the time of reservation or payment of the Eligible Charges at Participating Hotels.
  22. Room rates where booking is made via any online booking channels including but not limited to Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Tripadvisor.com, MakemyTrip.com, Travelguru.com or any other similar travel websites or a third party (2) Room rates that are booked, or booked and paid, via tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents on their contracted rates or any other travel-industry staff rates. (3) Room rates for conferences, weddings, events or organized tours (4) Room rates for airline staff and crew where rooms are pre-booked and paid for by the airline or directly do not earn Rewards Petals .
  23. Petals earned by any individual as Orchid Rewards Member are not combinable with or transferable to other reward/ loyalty/ frequent guest program administered by The Orchid Hotels in the past, present or future.
  24. Benefits of two programs cannot be applied concurrently.
  25. Any Petals offered in conjunction with specific hotel stays will be considered earned only when the stay has been fully paid and completed. Any Petals accrued and earned during a particular hotel stay will not be available for redemption before the said stay has been fully paid for and completed.
  26. Only Petals earned, on Eligible Spend at Participating Hotels, will be considered for tier upgrades.
  27. The Orchid Rewards Loyalty Program reserves the right to deduct petals from a member’s account balance if the petals have been erroneously credited in the account.
  28. If a member believes he/she has not received petals credit(s) for hotel stays, or any F & B spends despite having presented the registered Mobile number while settling the transaction, he/she must submit a written request for such credit(s) to helpdesk@orchidrewards.in along with the original invoice of the member’s hotel stay. No petals will be given for failure to supply original invoices. For the member’s protection, the member should retain all hotel travel documentation until the petals credit(s) have appeared on the petals statement. Requests must be received at the Orchid Rewards Loyalty Program within 15 days of receipt of petals update.
  29. This retrospective crediting of Petals will be offered to members only on presentation of original invoices. Petals will not be credited, where the member has failed to quote his/her registered mobile number at the time of bill settlement.
  30. In case petals are inadvertently missed out, the members must claim retro-credits within a month from the date of transaction.
  31. Orchid Rewards Petals can be redeemed for pre-booking of hotel rooms by emailing us at helpdesk@orchidrewards.in Orchid Rewards Petals can be redeemed in real time to pay for room stay, food & beverage, laundry. Orchid Rewards Petals can also be redeemed for gift cards and other options listed on the website.
  32. If a room is available at a Participating Hotel across any room category, ORP petals can be redeemed for a stay at the particular room category.
  33. Redemption requests against ORP petals for rooms or F & B can be pre-booked either by writing to us at helpdesk@orchidrewards.in or by contacting Orchid Rewards Loyalty member services ( + 91 916 916 6789 ),Orchid Rewards Loyalty Member Services will make the necessary bookings for rewards upon receipt of the request, subject to availability.
  34. A member must allow up to 48 hours for processing of Rewards redemption requests for services. All requests must be made as early as possible, to avoid disappointments.
  35. In case of holidays at participating Hotels as Rewards, the member will bear all travel and associated costs. In addition, meals or any other service not specifically mentioned, as being complimentary will be chargeable.
  36. Travel agents will not be given any commissions on rooms given as Rewards Petals redemption.
  37. Redemption of petals online or offline against a stay can be done from the Hotel official website and not from any other online portal.
  38. Cancellation/ Amendment / No Show Policy
  39. Any cancellation or amendment received within 48hours IST prior to 1800hrs on the day of arrival would subject to a one night room retention of Rewards Petals. In case of a No Show the Rewards Petals will be considered redeemed.
  40. Any cancellation or No show on the day of dining at any Participating Restaurant table Bookings against Rewards Petals redemption the said Petals will be considered as redeemed.
  41. Promotions and special offers are at the sole discretion of The Orchid Rewards loyalty program. They can be withdrawn or altered without prior notice.
  42. The Orchid Rewards Loyalty Program service guarantee will be applicable for the query where turn-around time of the resolution of the members query/concern was promised by the Orchid Rewards Member Service Centre associate after the member alerted the service centre. The member cannot claim the service guarantee for another service recovery.
  43. The Turnaround time for service guarantee will depend on the nature of the complaint raised. The turn-around timelines for service delivery will vary for different complaint types.
  44. In a situation where the Orchid Rewards team needs additional information to resolve the member query, the ORP team will send a communication to the member on the registered email ID, it will be the responsibility of the member to ensure that the response is as per the timelines mentioned in the communication, if any. The ORP service guarantee will not be valid in case the details are not provided as per the mentioned timelines.
  45. In scenarios where some additional time is required to process the query/request, the ORP service centre team can keep the member informed through call/email and a revised turn-around time may be provided. In such cases, the delay, if any, shall be calculated from the most recent turn-around time provided by the Member service centre team. Example – If the Member service centre has provided a turn-around time of 3 days for the resolution, however prior to 3 days, the team updates the member of the resolution requiring additional 2 days, then in such a case, the service guarantee shall be calculated for the applicable period post the revised timeline.
  46. All communication from the Orchid Rewards Loyalty team will be done only to the members registered email ID or registered telephone number, no other email ID or number will be considered for service guarantee.